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It’s not easy for auto dealers to fall into line with all of the workplace rules impacting your business. You want our industry experienced lawyers at your side every step along the way.

The Fisher Phillips Automotive Dealership Practice Group has represented automobile and other vehicle dealers and dealer groups for over half a century. When you call us for advice, you instantly tap into decades of experience dealing with your business. You will not have to explain what F&I managers do or how service technicians are paid. Our long and close association with the retail automobile industry makes us uniquely positioned to help you solve your employee problems with minimal disruption.

We know how to keep you out of trouble. We develop effective pay plans that contain the right disclosures necessary to avoid expensive lawsuits. We draft and implement effective employment policies on hiring, discipline, and termination that comply with the latest legal requirements. We train managers so they know how to make proper employment decisions. And we can provide you with timely advice concerning day-to-day workplace law matters through our advice retainer program.

Union Assistance
We know your business may be targeted by unions even if no union has yet surfaced. We take proactive steps with you to build a workplace that will repel a union organizing campaign before it gets off the ground, and can assist with effective workplace communication strategies if an organizing campaign starts up. If you are already unionized, we help you develop and carry out effective bargaining tactics, and ensure you understand your management rights.

Defense of Legal Actions
If the gloves come off and you end up the target of a lawsuit or government administrative charge, we will be by your side. We defend legal claims and discrimination charges filed by employees and former employees in an effective, efficient, and vigorous manner.

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